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TheWEL Programme

Wellness Enhancement Learning

There are sections on making change, nutrition, on relaxation and meditation, plus practical ways to change the relationship to our thoughts and feelings that help reduce stress and suffering and enhance wellbeing. It considers a similar mindful way of caring for our body. Most of all it explores what it takes to be able to apply such changes in a sustained way in our daily life .

Current versions are: The GeneralWEL programme  for anyone wanting to tackle health problems and build wellbeing; TheWEL for people with CFS/ME;  The PrimaryWEL ,  and The StaffWEL for professional health care workers.

The foundation course is 4 half days over 4 weeks. A residential intense version is being planned. 

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Welcome to TheWEL !

Many of us would benefit from learning how we might better support our wellbeing and levels of wellness. This is especially true if we are dealing with long term conditions that are impacting on our health, and have realised that  medical “fix-it” solutions are not working well enough, or at all.  TheWEL grew from asking what you can do when faced with such challenges. Its foundations were designed on guidance from patients who had found ways forward. This was blended with a background study and research of areas like the self-healing response, mind-body factors and psychoneuroimmunology. TheWEL course journey encourage us to learn how to draw on our own inner natural strengths that grow helpful change, wellbeing and any healing and recovery that is possible.  The key is learning to create the conditions that enhance this wellbeing - and in turn the key to that is our own self-care.

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