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Videos on the the core ideas underpinning

TheWEL & The Healing Shift Enquiry

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34 Minute CONFERENCE Keynote Talk

A LEARN event recorded live in Nairn, Scotland with a multi-professional and public audience.

Food-Epidemics & Diabetes

Lessons from TheWEL

David Reilly, Charles Clark,

Audrey Banks & Andrew Lyon

“Can we get to grips with the modern epidemics - like obesity, diabetes and heart disease? It’s reached the point where up to 40% of NHS staff and patients in Scotland might be pre-diabetic (based on fasting insulins in WEL Course participants). You are warmly invited to this meeting to explore some new thinking on how we can help one another to turn this tide. Hear from Dr David Reilly how the staff and patients in the innovative PrimaryWEL and StaffWEL programmes are exploring a fresh way of viewing food,  and what they choose to eat. From this broader base, we will then bring a focus on Food and Diabetes - Prof Charles  Clark will outline potential and pitfalls of non-drug diet-related management of diabetes.”

David Reilly begins by outlining core ideas of  Wellness Enhancement Learning and TheWEL Programme. He then opens up the issues of the food related epidemics.

PART 2   
Charles Clark   speaks of the challenge of diabetes and outlines potential and pitfalls of non-drug diet-related management of diabetes.


David summarised the striking results  that can achieved with this approach.

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TEDx TALK: Human Healing Unlocked

This first video is a TEDx talk aimed at a general audience.  You can use to  get a feel forunderpinning principles in TheWEL and to think about your own wellbeing, and reflect on your self-care and changes you want make.

Further down this page are some professional presentations, with a bit more science and research evidence - more in that vein can be found here Further down still on this page is  a mixed audience workshop. 

From the Findhorn Hosts of the TEDx Talk: From germinating 30,000 year old seeds to the effects of Type II diabetes on the National Health Service, Dr David Reilly MD's fast paced talk on how to unlock the potential of human healing is both fascinating and touching. Using the example of one of his patients, and with a moving twist at the end, David interprets 40 years of academic research into an amazing story.

David Reilly trained as a physician and a GP. He approaches medicine and human caring in ways that emphasise the innate healing capacity in people, the factors that modify the healing response, and their interaction in the therapeutic encounter and relationship – ideas adopted as the core of The Fifth Wave document exploring future health in Scotland.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at